Penelop v2.00 is out !

Penelop is a mechanical solver for balloons flight chains with a complete HMI including a powerful visualisation tool : Nimble. It gives the loads, acceleration and motion of all elements in a flight chain and is especially useful for flight separation predictions.

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 nimble_badge2 nimble



RaVi Network Manager

The RaVi Network Manager is online!


(partial vue of level0 and level1 NETWORK MANAGER MASTER)

The RaVi nano workstations are low-cost, low intrusive, autonomous measurement device for harsh environments. It does high definition imaging and also acts as a full inertial measurement unit together with temperature and pressure sensors. It does real time smart data analysis and holds max 200 Gb onboard memory; all in secured environment.

The NM can handle up to 255 RaVi workstations online from the master node. With the NM we can:

  • Remotely set-up the RaVi workstations measurement software
  • Remotely check the RaVi hardware health, OS health, network status
  • Remotely get all recorded real time data
  • Carry out Expert checks (rebooting, checking file system, software update…)
  • Locally set-up the RaVi onboard memory (creating new workstations)


The RaVi workstations locally run:

  • Sentinelle : an inertial measurement software
  • Cyclope : a real time data smart analysis
  • Iris : video and image recorder
  • Expert : a set of tools for hardware, software updates and testing
  • Health : a set of tool for hardware, software checks
  • Locutus : (to be coming)


The new RaVi-CWAV measurement unit is scheduled for its first flight in july.
On board IMU, real time analysis and wifi have been added to the former RaVi3 video recorder.
The RaVi-CWAV Network-Manager is ready !


Site security

Due to continuous break-in attempts, the site functionnalities have been reduced… feel free to contact the site admin.

De nombreuses tentatives d’intrusions nous ont obligé à réduire les fonctionnalités de ce site … l’administrateur reste disponible.



Greetings !

Merci encore à vous tous !
Thank you all again !




RTIME a développé en collaboration avec le CNES Toulouse des enregistreurs vidéo autonomes vols stratosphériques. Deux familles de caméra nouvelle génération ont été développées RaVi2 et Drift2. Performances : longues durées, haute qualité (2K), encombrement et poids réduits. Les enregistreurs ont volé durant la campagne Timmins 2014. En cours de développement pour la prochaine campagne Timmins 2015 : RaVi3 et RaVi3+ avec amélioration des performances (autonomie / optiques / taille)…

The RTIME company together with CNES has developed autonomous stratospheric flight video recorders. Two types of recorders have been made: RaVi2 and Drift2 for long duration flights, high quality (2K) recordings, reduced size and mass. They have been used during the Timmins 2014 campaign. Now being developed: RaVi3 and RaVi3+ for Timmins 2015 ! Enhanced electronics, software, optics, reduced size and weight are being tested…


Logiciels Instrumentation

RTIME développe pour les vols stratosphériques des logiciels dédiés pour les simulations, le traitement des données, l’aide à l’analyse. La prochaine journée de formation aura lieu le vendredi 28 Novembre à 09h00 au CNES Toulouse. Les outils concernés sont  :

For stratospheric balloon flights, RTIME develops software for simulation, data analysis and decision making tools. The next training will be at CNES Toulouse on 28th nov 9AM. The tools are :

  1. OVNI_Pre v1.05
  2. OVNI_Phys v.1.10
  3. OVNI_Post v1.28
  4. ICDV_Post v1.07
  5. LANZ v1.05
  6. VidSync v1.11